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  •  Janahitha Seva Trust works among the underprivileged, providing assistance to the hungry, providing medical aid, supporting the Divyang / physically & mentally disabled. The trust has is working for more than a decade. Our Contribution : Revamping of their website and updating the entire content, removing redundant data, training their staff to be able to update their site on their own.
  • Vanavasi Kalyan Parishad, Telangana is a non profit organisation committed towards upliftment of vanavasi (tribal community) in Telangana. There are 4.8 lakh Vanvasis in Telangana They are spread over areas, mainly on hilltops. Gond, Koya, Chenchu, Lambada are the major tribes. All these tribes in the state are mentioned in the state schedule. In Telangana, there are a total of 3960 Vanvasi villages.

Our Contribution : Building a digital footprint for their activity including website and also listing them on social media platforms.  Completed the training and hand-holding of the website and SM platforms. The VKA team is now equipped to handle the digital outreach activities on their own.


There is a huge production of generic books today. However, making a right choice that can enrich our knowledge level apart from the regular curriculum is becoming more and more challenging because of two factors

1.      Due to too many choices, many of which are substandard & fake

2.      Many of the right ones are unable to reach out due to reach, poor communication & marketing efforts

Ajeyam’s curation & marketing team has built various packages  for different strata of society. We have #curatedbooks and message oriented products from various publishers and product builders for  

–         School going students of various age groups esp related to cultural, scientific and value based education.

–         Parents on basics of upgringing

–         University students esp in the humanities department offering them a selection of books from the Indic perspective on history, political science, economics and so on.

–         Corporate leaders and employees that give a holistic perspective on leadership, team building and self-growth.

These packs are called as Sakhi, Netrutva and so on.

We also list these books on Amazon, Hindu eShop and other ecomm platforms.

  • Hindu eShop : This is an e-commerce platform developed by the Ajeyam team to host books and products related to Rashtra and Dharma. Ajeyam’s team has integrated over 100 publishers and have curated over 3000 books and products that will go a long way in educating our nation.

Ajeyam’s outreach team also works in organising in-house events for apartments, corporates in which these books are products are displayed.

  • Samvit Kendra : Samvit Kendra is a research institution which not only produces original content but also provide on-job training to young interns and conduct research workshops.

Our Contribution: Ajeyam worked with the Samvit Kendra team to build their online library consisting of over 10,000 books.  In addition, the regular social media posts are being updated by our team.

  • Centre for South Indian Studies (CSIS) : Centre for South Indian Studies (CSIS) is a public charitable trust established in Delhi, engaged in academic study, research, and analysis of economic, social, historical, and political developments, both past and contemporary.

Our Contribution: Ajeyam worked with the CSIS team to build their online presence in various SM platforms . We have also built Dakshinapatha – a website which works as the window to the South. This site consists of the articles produced by CSIS associates, research scholars, interns and volunteers.


Jagriti Weekly : Jagriti Weekly is the oldest and highly respected Telugu weekly running since 1948.  They have extremely good insights on social and cultural issues working relentless to build positive national thought.

Our Contribution : With a rising populace oriented towards reading stuff online, it was imperative for Jagriti to also go online. Ajeyam’s digital strategy team worked with Jagriti’s team to build

–          A website and social media presence especially on YouTube.

–          An epaper which can be made subscription based.

Both these initiatives have helped Jagriti to be connected not only through their print magazine but also their digital outreach

NIJAM TODAY:  Nijam Today is a young digital platform working specially to put Facts Out. Their #FactCheck is much sought after even by leading media platforms.

Our Contribution : Ajeyam’s team was involved right from conceptualisation to delivery of the website and making their presence social media platforms. We have trained their teams such that they are now able to put up the content on their own. A good case of Build- Operate and Transfer.

SAMVIT PRAKASHAN: Samvit Prakashan is an organisation that started in 2020, Samvit Prakashan publishes in multiple languages and aims to generate independent well-researched content to address gaps in history-writing, bring out wide-ranging editions on important subjects, and disseminate the content among people across the globe, especially the younger generations.

Our Contribution : We have built website and enabled social media presence on various platforms. We organise Book Launches, Book discussions and other Events for Samvit Prakashan. We also enable Samvit books sales on various online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Hindu eShop


Adroitec Engineering Solutions is a Global Engineering Solutions with the vision to be a globally respected technology company and positively contribute to the development of India.

Our Contribution :  In line with our mission to support noble initiatives, the Ajeyam digital marketing team is involved in the SEO of the website and managing the social media initiatives of Adroitec.